I Remember That
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Charting her life from her humble beginnings in the early sixties, author M. A. Enniss-Trotman narrates her story of a little girl—and a young woman—growing up in a large nuclear family in post-colonial Guyana. She journeys through the rough-and-tumble world of a rural bauxite-mining town as she opens up about the rough-hewn experiences, significant milestones, roadblocks, and turning points that shaped her sometimes bittersweet but always purpose-driven life.

I Remember That explores family connections, childhood memories, and spiritual experiences and offers details about another side of the world through light-hearted portrayals of small-town life against a backdrop of tumultuous political and racial conflict. Through a collection of stories, Enniss-Trotman shares the traditions and social and cultural musings from a half century ago.

Rich in period details, I Remember That becomes a vehicle for something greater than the history of the people and events it describes—a valuable keepsake that delivers priceless and precious reminiscences and preserves them for posterity.

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  • The Author

M. A. Enniss-Trotman, born and raised in Guyana, South America, earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Guyana and a master’s degree from Dalhousie University. She is a former university lecturer and sessional instructor with more than a decade of teaching experience in Guyana and Canada. Enniss-Trotman works as a strategic planner for a large quasi-government organization. She lives in eastern Canada with her husband, Roderick, and her daughter.

I Remember That

I Remember That